Mercedes Benz X-rays a Cow

cow-xray-mbThere’s some serious creativity going on with these new ads from the luxury car maker.

It’s the dream of every driver at night; to be able to see what’s up ahead with startling clarity and definition. Mexico City ad agency BBDO nails the concept in their new ad for Mercedes-Benz and its Intelligent Light System.

“Mercedes-Benz in Mexico has come up with two brilliant print ads to promote their Intelligent Light System that provides 60% more visibility on the road,” explains this article in Digital Synopsis.

“The ads feature silhouettes of a cow and a deer standing in the middle of the road at night. The headlights of the Mercedes behind them are so bright that they create an ‘X-ray vision’ of the insides of the animals,” the article continues.

The ads really are striking, and make a hard-to-forget statement about the product’s features. This is one great campaign that truly makes the best use of print as a medium.

Nice work, BBDO.