Looking for a Hero on Free Font Friday

Not to wax too poetic today, but we all have a little superhero in us, no matter what our day job is. So today, we celebrate our inner hero with the perfect font.

Hero from Michal Pieczynski is bold and clear, with just enough funky to evoke the cartooned cape crusaders we love so much. Pop this into your next poster or heading design project and see how it makes you feel. Download free from Behance.

Following up our hero is Sometimes, a free font from a pair of Hungarian designers. Based on Time New Roman, Sometimes was created by artistically cutting off some of the serifs, bringing a fresh, modern look that remains somewhat familiar. Download free from Behance.

Enjoy these two beauties, and please come back again next week for another Free Font Friday. We appreciate you and all the heroic things you do, day in and day out.