Long Term Benefits for the “Real” Category

Many business categories have been changed forever by COVID-19. Some have been accelerated into the future; e-commerce, streaming and video games … all things that can be done from home. But the future is omnichannel and it’s the best way to reach a broad audience.

Take Amazon for example. Clearly a goliath in e-commerce, they’ve begun opening brick and mortar stores. Amazon Go plans to open 3,000 stores by 2021 (yes, even with the pandemic). Obviously, there is value to a physical structure in retail. “Consumers are more likely to trust a brand they have seen in the real world,” writes Gavin Baker on Medium.

It’s the same with print.

Reaching readers, consumers, buyers through a variety of channels, including print, will ensure you get your message across. It’s obvious that people need more than just access to their phones.

  • Humans are designed to value what’s real and tangible; research proves that we value physical over digital even when the content is the same; and
  • Physical media offers a trust bump that’s sorely missing digital, giving brands an edge when they advertise there.

Print is here to stay and can help you reach a real audience with real value. Really.