Lets Fly to the Moon with Two Fantastic Free Fonts

Looking for something unique? We are happy to present two unusual and graphically pleasing fonts this week. First up is Milea, a handwritten brush font, done in script with natural dry brush strokes. It’s perfect for everything from book covers to wedding invitations, website designs, blogs, and much more. One key advantage over other brush fonts is its high readability. Download free from Behance.

Next, let’s fly you to the moon with Moon, a beautifully minimalist sans-serif font with rounded character design. This font from UK designer Jack Harvatt is perfect for designing everything from website headers to poster titles and more. Download this one from Behance too.

We love the creative ways designers use fonts in everything they do, especially in print. We hope you’re taking advantage of our Free Font Fridays, and filling up your font toolbox. Design on, and we’ll see you next week!