Kodak Dumps Java from their New Prepress Portal

kodakappWe’ve got some great news about Kodak INSITE Prepress portal, straight from Aaron Tavakoli in the Kodak Blog.

“As I write this, our first beta sites for InSite Prepress Portal 7.0 are rolling out – it’s a very exciting time for us. This release is pivotal as it provides a platform to our customer base which is 100% Java free – that is – clients connecting to InSite Prepress Portal no longer require the Java Runtime Environment to be installed,” Tavakoli writes.

That’s a big deal when it comes to security issues, as Java is often used to launch malware and malicious attacks, he notes.

“As result of this, many vendors like Apple and Microsoft have restricted the way in which Java works with both operating systems and browser technologies in order to limit potential exposure of users,” Tavakoli continues. “This means that if you want to use a solution today that requires Java, you have to jump through additional hoops and accept additional risks.”

“The new product launches almost instantly and will be an immediate relief for those familiar with the previous java based experience. It is fast, smooth and works across the widest range of standard platforms and browser environments. We’re running a two step Beta process to ensure we have all the kinks ironed out before we go to general release. The early signs are very promising and we’re looking forward to bringing this product to everyone next year,” Tavakoli notes.

So far the initial beta testing looks good, and we are happy to see Kodak’s development team taking on this important task. Nice work, guys and gals at Kodak; we’ll be putting it through its paces for sure.