IKEA Invents the World’s First Interactive Recipe

We often find IKEA on the cutting edge of marketing innovation, what with their innovative use augmented reality in decor planning and their “most helpful catalog in the world.”

Now, they’ve created what they are calling the “first interactive recipe.”

“We had to rethink how people use recipes,” explains this video shared by PrintPower. To make this happen, the company produced a series of “fill in the blank” recipes printed with food safe ink on cooking parchment paper.

Of course each recipe uses IKEA food products, and the paper is designed to illustrate the exact proportions of each ingredient – eliminating the need for measuring spoons or cups – a mise en place on paper if you will.

After all the ingredients are in position, the parchment paper is rolled up tight, placed on a baking sheet for the oven, and the finished dish is simply unwrapped and enjoyed. Voila.

“To inspire people, the recipe posters were placed in stores across Canada during the IKEA Kitchen Event,” the video explains. In-store chefs gave live demonstrations, while customers could buy the posters, the actual ingredients and any tools they might need, like a garlic press for example.

What we love about this is how authentic it is to their brand, while truly relevant to their customers. Who hasn’t wondered “what do I make for dinner” while out shopping? And honestly, while I’m all about eating lunch at IKEA, I don’t often think of them as a source to buy groceries. This could change that, in a way that makes this print geek happy – and hungry.

Well done, IKEA! I’m off for some meatballs…