If You Read One Thing Today, Make it This Post from Adam Tinworth

Every day I curate and comment on industry news and insights I think our readers will find helpful, inspiring, infuriating or encouraging.  Today, I’m sharing this post from Adam Tinworth about Facebook, journalism, and the ten years they’ve been sharing the same space.

“To bring all that freeform creativity of the web under one company,
to give it a central gatekeeping role in how we consume media, would be a terrible risk.”

It’s so well done that I can’t do justice to it by taking some snippets and commenting; you really need to read the whole thing. I will mention the subtitles, however:

  • In love with a digital sociopath
  • A building on algorithmic sand cannot stand
  • The greatest trick Facebook played
  • Embrace real community. It will embrace you back.

It touches on all it – how Facebook almost destroyed journalism, the original sin of digital-age publishers, and how media brands lost a decade of community building while they were busy obeying their social “partners.”

Give this piece five minutes of your time. I guarantee you’ll never look at social media and the “news” feed the same way again.