If the Parthenon had a Neon Sign, This Would be the Font

Modern? Vintage? We can’t decide either. So today we bring you one of each.

Zews is a modern free typeface from Brazilian design shop Ciao Designer. Created in 2019 as a personal project, the artist released it for both free and commercial use. It has a decidedly modern feel with its angularity and subtle serifs, yet at the same time, it’s evocative of ancient Greek. If the Parthenon had a neon sign, this would be the font they used. Download free from Behance.

Next, we head to the 18th century for Vaderlands, a free vintage font that evokes a different kind of empire. Created by Graphic Goods out of Poland, Vaderlands was inspired by 18th-century topography. The hand-drawn display font is perfect for anything that needs an authentically historic feel … and it makes us want to design a map. Download for personal or commercial use from Behance.

As always, we encourage you to thank the designers and design shops that bring us these beautiful free fonts and come back next week for another Free Font Friday. We’ll see you then.