How to Save 2% on Your Direct Mail This Year

usps_comOkay, the USPS has had its share of challenges, and has certainly been the cause of a lot of uncertainty for mailers this year. So we are happy to share this bright spot in the ongoing drama that is postage rates.

It’s called the 2015 Mail Drives Mobile Engagement promotion and it “encourages mailers to integrate mobile technology with direct mail to create a convenient method for consumers to do their shopping,” according to the program documentation.

Eligible mail formats include Standard Mail letter and flats, plus nonprofit Standard Mail letters and flats, and the program runs from July 1 through the end of this year.

To qualify for the 2% discount, your direct mail campaign must contain:

  • a mobile barcode (for example – a QR code, a digital watermark or color branded barcodes);
  • text near the mobile barcode that gives the reader directions like “scan here to buy” or similar wording;
  • landing pages for the campaign must have checkout functionality “that allows the customer to complete the purchase of the product referenced” and to check out as a guest if they don’t want to create an account;
  • and the product for sale must be a tangible and physical item (NOTE: some charitable donations and sale of services may eligible too).

To take advantage of this program, mailers must register in advance on the USPS’s Business Customer Gateway (they recommend “several days). Be sure to talk to your mailing services provider about this too. And good luck with your promo!