How Smartphones Make Cataloging Better

“[Seventy-seven percent] of smartphone owners still use catalogues to browse proving that integration of all channels is key for success.”

This assertion from the folks at Catalogues4Business nicely sums up why, in this age of massive screen time, printed catalogs are so important.

The article references the Ikea catalog, with their augmented reality features that bring the products to life on our phones, as evidence that the gap between digital and paper is really very small.

“The under 30’s are one of the most responsive to direct mail and catalogues,
we just need to engage them.”

“A client of mine put a picture of a muddy footprint on the desk during a meeting,” the article continues. “He then told us to download an app and look at the ‘footprint’ through the phone. The footprint then became a 3D muddy boot that I could explore – look inside and almost touch  – wow! It was truly amazing.”

He’s right. The technology is amazing, and engaging, and compelling on a deeply emotional level. When we can hold something in our hands – something printed – and use technology to virtually insert ourselves into the scene, the immersion is complete.

“Think how this extends the catalogue reach,” the article continues. “Equally we could have looked at this with a tablet, the effect would have been even more amazing. Think how cool it would be to look at this product and then click the ‘Add to Basket’ button. One simple process; the vehicle and channel working seamlessly.”

As we say so often around here, it’s not about one or the other. It’s not about digital replacing print. And it’s certainly not about print being obsolete. Instead, it’s about finding new ways to cross that gap between channels.

It’s about rethinking your strategy and using every channel in ways that bump up the wow. That’s leveraging the gap the best way possible.