How Loving Print Means Caring for the Earth

earth_dayIn the greenwashing debates of the last several years, much misinformation on the paper and printing industries has been bandied about. In reality, sustainable forestry is a good thing for this planet, and for a strong and growing economy.

To help set the record straight, Two Sides North America has released a myth-busting infographic on key facts around the paper and sustainable forestry relationship.

“We are often led to believe that using paper is bad for the environment and that forest practices always lead to eroded lands and fewer trees—not so in North America!,” notes this article in Printing Impression. The article continues: “As the Two Sides infographic illustrates:

  • forests in the United States and Canada grow significantly more wood than is harvested each year,
  • most paper is made using wood by-products (chips) from the lumber industry and recycled paper rather than whole trees which are typically used for lumber production, and
  • wood from well-managed forests is a sustainable resource that is renewable, recyclable and can be planted, grown, harvested and replanted.”

These facts mean that sustainable forestry practices help absorb massive amounts of carbon dioxide, give off oxygen, protect our watersheds and provide habitats for huge numbers of species, the infographic notes.

Deforestation for other uses can, in fact, be far more damaging than the current sustainable forestry model employed by our industry.

Yes, every industry can and should do more to protect our home. We are proud to work in an industry that has taken a leadership role on stewardship and conservation, and we will continue to love print and love this big, crazy planet. Save the link to the infographic and share it the next time someone tells you how bad print is for the earth. You just might end up making a real difference