Gorgone, You’re Gorgeous… Enjoy Two Beautiful Free Fonts

Okay, we get a little geeked out by a gorgeous font when we see one. Who doesn’t?

This week, it’s Gorgone, a versatile serif font from Letterhead Studio. With an overall elegant vibe and a strong character, this font is suitable in a wide range of applications. The font includes upper and lower case with punctuations, symbols and numerals. Use it to add a touch of class to invitations, logotypes, headlines, cards, apparel and packaging. Multi-language support helps your creations have a global impact. Download this beauty from PixelBuddha.

Where Gorgone goes elegant, Yeager goes unique, offering a change of pace from the usual from Jeremy Nelson Design. Inspired by aboriginal writing and tribal typography, this font embraces angular strokes and irregular joint placements. The machine-styled look evokes confidence, authority and precision with a unique voice. Download from Behance.

Enjoy these two unusually attractive fonts, and come back next week for another installment of Free Font Friday!