Free Training on the Art of Good Cover Design

magazinedesignMagazine covers: When done well they are almost magical in their ability to grab hold of readers. Take, for example, the best covers from the recent election season, or these 31 crazy good covers. Designers disagree on any number of things, but they can all agree that a good cover can drive sales or extend a brand’s reach in tremendous ways.

Good cover design doesn’t spring out of nowhere; it takes a careful understanding of the elements and how they relate to make covers worthy of readers’ attention. If you’re looking to up your game, LinkedIn is offering a new training that might fit the bill.

“In this course, we’ll be looking at contemporary and historical examples of magazine covers,” explains instructor Nigel French in his video “Designing a Magazine Cover.”

“We’ll identify the common parts of a magazine cover and their purpose. Using a fictitious example, we’ll go through the steps of creating a magazine cover. From choosing and preparing the cover image, to adding the different cover elements, to preparing the file for print,” he continues.

It’s a great primer if you’re new to cover design and a good refresher if you’ve done them before. (Note: You can access LinkedIn’s In Learning modules free for a month; there’s a wealth of good info on there no matter what your industry or skill level.)