Feel the Flair with this Week’s Free Fonts

Some like it curvy; some play it straight. Whatever your design needs, our two picks this week will be solid additions to your type toolkit.

Let’s start with Sansita from the folks at Omnibus-Type Foundry in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This curvy, calligraphy-inspired sans serif has some real flair. With four weights plus italics, it’s great for adding a fresh, fun style to branding and packaging. It’s also a good choice for display typeface, especially the black weight. Download for free from Behance.

On the straighter side of the font spectrum we’ve got Archivo Narrow, also from Omnibus-Type. It features a slim design with a simple, clean style, in regular and bold weights plus italics. It’s great when you have to fit a lot of text into small spaces, without sacrificing readability. Download free from Behance.

Incidentally, Archivo Narrow was mentioned in a post we did a while back on font pairing. Poppie Pack, writing in the Design School blog, suggested Julius Sans and Archivo Narrow as a great pair for resumes, saying “Julius Sans One offers a fine stroke, and its broader baseline makes it a great display font. Offsetting well against the more masculine and geometric style of Archivo Narrow, these typefaces offer a good combination for easy readability.”

Regardless of how you use these fonts, we hope you’ll find them inspiring and useful. Please share the love, and check out our previous Free Font Fridays from your fellow design geeks at Freeport Press.