Facebook Deals with Print

The social media giant is cutting through the clutter to reach key European agencies in a surprisingly non-digital way.

It’s no secret that we are not huge fans of Facebook around here. But I’ve got to give credit where it’s due. Their new direct mail piece in Europe – a deck of cards offering marketing insights to agencies – is pretty darn good.

“The deck was made by London creative agency Human After All,” explains this post in Print Power. “Each card offered a unique and engaging insight about Facebook and its U.K. users—from Santa to Star Wars, from Jay Z to Jon Snow—the agency says.”

The article continues, “The packaging was personalised to the agency that would be getting each pack. And in addition to the U.K., country-specific packs were created for France, Italy and Spain with alternative insights and illustrations.”

More than a thousand decks were distributed, along with large posters of the decks. Even a brand with as much reach and engagement as Facebook needs to find a significant way to cut through the clutter and reach their key audience. And they did it in print. ‘Nuf said.