Direct Mail: Are You Doing it Wrong?

mail-manIt can be hugely powerful…as long as you avoid direct mail’s pitfalls. How do you use it?

When executed properly, direct mail offers a fantastic return on your investment. The problem, according to Summer Gould in Target Marketing, is that doing it properly can be a huge challenge.

“Direct mail can be a very powerful marketing tool. When executed correctly you can see a great return on your investment,” Gould writes. “Usually we focus on what not to do since there are so many pitfalls with direct mail.”

In this piece however, Gould outlines 13 specific ways to leverage direct mail strategically. Many of them you are probably already familiar with: generating sales leads; building traffic to a site or event; gaining referrals; providing special incentives and rewards to your best customers.

Others are not as common, and offer some interesting ideas for brands.

“Reaching out to customers and prospects that have received an offer from a competitor with and even better offer through direct mail gives you a chance to acquire the sale without the competitor knowing about your offer,” Gould writes. “Unlike online offers direct mail has some secrecy to it.”

DM can also be used to boost customer service. “Sending a thank you note to your customers is a great way to make people feel appreciated,” she notes.

Of course, one of the classic and enduring ways to use direct mail is through custom publications, newsletters and catalogs. “Each of these types of direct mail give you the ability to showcase new information or offers to the people most likely to buy from them,” Gould notes.

It’s time to take a fresh look at your direct mail initiatives, and this article is a great place to start.