Catch this NYC Type Exhibit this Summer

Oh wow, have we got a treat for our East Coast typography fans. The New York Times Magazine has put together an exhibit of outstanding typographic examples at the Type Directors Club in NYC. It runs through September 5, according to Ayla Angelos in the It’s Nice That blog.

“It includes covers, spreads, and special issues that make use of our custom typefaces designed by Henrik Kubel of A2-TYPE,” Gail Bichler, design director of The New York Times Magazine, tells It’s Nice That. Featuring “typographic treatments and bespoke fonts made by the magazine’s design team and other collaborators,” the show aims to celebrate all of the outstanding work that’s been put into the magazine since its redesign in 2015.

“We looked for instances where both the design and imagery were standouts and where they worked together in meaningful or unique ways,” Gail told Angelos on how she curated the exhibition. “We also tried to show as much variety as possible in terms of topic and visual tone.”

For type aficionados, you’ll lose yourself in the imagery. And for those of you who aren’t designers, but appreciate good design, the exhibit will offer a peek into the power of the right type treatment to transform a design and take it to the sublime.

If you’re in New York this summer, be sure to catch the exhibit.