Can a Free Font Really Kick You In the Chest? 

We don’t know about that, but this week’s pick will certainly add a punch to your design toolbox.

Bold, classic and spare. 

That’s the overriding characteristics of this week’s first free font, League Spartan. Designed by The League of Moveable Type, the bold, geometric design comes in a single, strong weight. The good folks at Font Squirrel describe it as “a bold, modern, geometric sans-serif that has no problem kicking its enemies in the chest.”  We don’t know about that, but we are pretty sure it would look fantastic in a logo or other stand-alone typography. It looks especially impressive in all caps. Download free from Font Squirrel.

Next up is Encode Sans by Impallari Type. It’s a versatile, “workhorse” type family that includes nine weights in normal, narrow, wide, compressed, and condensed styles. It’s great for just about anything, but would be particularly useful for complex typesetting where you need to organize and separate a lot of information. Download this one from Font Squirrel, too.

Of course, we encourage you to share the love with the designers and the sites that offer these great free fonts. And come back next week for another round of Free Font Friday!