A Dozen Ways to Engage in Print

mrmag-tieLet’s get down to the real nitty-gritty and share Mr. Magazine’s practical ways to engage your readers in print.

We talk all the time about print’s future and the vital place it has in today’s marketing campaigns. From content marketing experts to industry insiders, one thing is clear: print remains a powerful way to engage.

But only if you do it right. Which a lot of brands just don’t. To help sort that out, Samir “Mr. Magazine” Husni offered up 11 tips for engaging in print that appeared in Read Content Magazine.

The first tip is to create evergreen content (1), beyond simply answering questions or reporting what happened yesterday.

“We have to be the bridge that ties last week to next week. We have to provide a simple answer to ‘what’s in it for me?’ Any publication that cannot answer that question does not belong in print,” Husni asserts.

Your product must also serve as a community builder (2), and focus on curating content that is highly relevant to that community (3).

Other tips like complimenting your digital assets (4), avoiding news-style reporting (5), and clearly knowing your raison d’étre (7) lead you to produce a print product that is good enough to pay for (6), one of the critical lessons publishers are learning as magazines evolve.

“There’s a lot to be said about premiums. I am firm believer that we have to be in the business of having customers who count. I almost cry when I see offers like ‘subscribe to the magazine for $5 for the entire year’. Folks, when are you going to wake up and go back into the business doing what we’re doing?!” he asks.

When your title is filled with relevant, high-quality content (8) and offers an uninterrupted luxury environment (9), you create an experience that gives your readers that precious “me” time (10). Finally, top off the experience with quality paper (11) and expert printing including tactile finishes and stunning color (we added this as our own #12).

There, you have a dozen ways to build on the idea of print’s luxurious future and the enormous engagement potential that comes from this timeless medium.