6 Tips to use Pinterest Like a Rock Star

pinterest-pin-it-button“Pinterest is the only social network your grandma understands; it’s also the one your mom jumped on before you did.”

So claims Holden Page in Contently, explaining why the social media site has seen such meteoric growth – like 70 million new members in three years, with more than 30 billion items pinned.

If a brand marketer could create the perfect platform for discovery, Pinterest would be it.

“With these numbers, Pinterest has become the discovery platform that brands have always wished for,” Page continues.

Yet many brands have not yet picked up the thumbtacks and made Pinterest a workable part of their marketing strategy. Maybe because it’s too easy? Whatever the reason, Tiny Hands founder Mei Pak offered six tips to Page on how to build an audience and sell your products.

The most important concept for brands is to use Pinterest as a visual storefront.

“Pinterest serves as a visual display of your brand’s culture,” Pak says. “My pins are what I would be proud to have on display if Tiny Hands had a brick and mortar store.” It works for small brands like Pak’s and for large retailers like Target.

Keep in mind the vast majority of Pinterest’s traffic comes from mobile devices (up to 75%), so vertical images are the rule of the day. Using anything horizontal will not only get cut off, it will peg you as an amateur straight away.

Along the same lines, descriptions should be short and sweet. Think “crisp” for your pins, and stay relevant while you pin like mad. Really.  Like 50-100 pins a day.

“Followers on Pinterest value regular activity,” notes Pak. Just be sure you stay relevant to your audience. With some practice and determination, you might find a whole new audience in there.

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