3 Print Magazine Superpowers for Brands

Magnetic_LogoNew research is proving what we’ve known all along; print magazines rock in these three critical areas.

What do your business marketing goals look like? Odds are you are looking for long-term brand building, near-term sales, and a healthy ROI on your ad spend. I think we’d be hard pressed to find any brand that doesn’t want those things.

Studies prove that magazines are a fantastic way to meet all of these goals, according to Marius Cloete in Magnetic. Cloete sites recent research that shows “evidence is mounting that whether your goal is to build strong and lasting brands in the longer term or to increase your product’s sales in the near term, magazines in printed format continue to be an essential part of the media mix to achieve either goals.”

“Magnetic’s work with Millward Brown highlights the role that different media play in this process. The results show the strong impact that magazines have on consumers in stimulating an advertising response across all three of the required dimensions and illustrates that magazines are by far the strongest driver of differentiation. Even when reach is brought into the equation magazines emerge as the most cost-efficient medium to drive meaningful difference,” Cloete explains.

This meaningful difference is so powerful that the Meredith Corporation “assures advertisers that their campaign investment in magazines will generate incremental sales which exceed their investment or else advertisers are furnished with a rebate in cash or advertising space.”

“To date more than 53 advertiser campaigns have taken up the Meredith Sales Guarantee and every single one has shown a positive return on advertising spend by providing an uplift in product sales  ranging from 2% to 47% depending on the product category,” Cloete continues.

If proof positive is what you are after, the industry is happy to oblige with real life data and real company experiences, including the Nielsen Catalina Solutions study called “Yes, Advertising Works.”

“Results showed that magazines provide the highest overall return on advertising spend based on data from 1,400 campaigns covering 450 FMCG brands,” Cloete reports.

We see the power of magazine media every day; and it’s great to see the industry presenting this kind of clear, scientific study to back up our experiences.

Magazines rock.