22 Tweetable Truths about Magazines

tweetable_truths_carrousselFor magazine lovers like us, we don’t need a list of reasons to understand why magazines rock. But this great list from the 2015 Magazine Media Factbook is perfect for helping the rest of the world understand why there’s so much optimism in the magazine industry lately.

Like #1, for example. “Magazine media’s gross audience grew over 10% in Q1 2015 vs. 2014,” according to Magazine Media’s 360 Brand Audience Report. Or #7, which notes that “231 print magazines launched in 2014 – a 25% increase over 2013,” according to Sami “Mr. Magazine” Husni.

One of our favorites is #10, which speaks to the longevity of a good title: “180 print magazines have thrived for more than 50 years — only 13 TV programs can say the same,” per the MPA info center.

Of course, from a bottom line POV, magazines rock like nobody’s business, with brands achieving “higher brand favorability & purchase intent in print magazine ads than they do online or on TV” (Source: InsightExpress 2014) and “61% of readers [taking] action after seeing a print magazine ad.” (Source: GfK MRI Starch 2014)

If you’re a fan of magazines, or just a fan of cool facts, choose your favorite and shout it out.