10 Hot Sites for Website Designers

DesignerboardInspiration is a funny thing.

Creative professionals never know when, where or how that next big idea might hit, so we are always looking to share resources that might help light the fire. Today we are happy to highlight Adam Ladd’s article “Top 10 Websites for Designers” from How Design. (In case you missed it, How Design also did a great piece on some fantastic 2015 wall calendars. Be sure to check it out.)

If you use Chrome, you’ll want to look into Muzli, a Chrome extension that “aims to provide design inspiration and links to helpful resources and blogs for designers with hand-picked content from around the web,” Ladd writes.

For color inspiration, play around with Material Palette. Not only does it help you decide on a full color palette, it also suggests where and how to use them in your site design. Very cool. Perhaps a bit limited in scope of the colors you can choose but a great way to get the balance right and go from there.

From a feedback site called Ocean to a primer on the basics of responsive web design, there is a ton of good information here.  Apparently How Design does this list once a month, so we’ll keep an eye out for future inspiration and be sure to pass it on.