Two Friday Fonts, Geared Up for Good Design

I don’t like to get all hyperbolic with our Free Font Fridays; after all, artistic tastes vary so widely that it’s rare we can say definitely that this is a best-ever choice. But this week, I can’t resist. We are calling out a winner in serif typefaces for online reading, and I think you’ll see why.

With its horizontally flat serifs, short descenders, settled curves, and upright italics, Artifika by Julia Zhdanova is definitely one of my favorite serif fonts. The type is intentionally designed to flow beautifully left to right, making it a fantastic choice for reading on screen. Download it at Google Web Fonts.

Geared, on the hand, has been inspired by industrial culture and carries a decided heft to it in its four spectacular weights. Would definitely be a useful font family to tuck into your toolkit. It was designed by Ben Dalrymple, and you can download it at Lost Type. Personal licenses are pay-what-you-wish, and a commercial license is $10 USD, a good bargain for such a creative font.