Two Free Fonts for the Rugged Side of Life

This Friday, we’re feeling strong as we head into fall and all that entails. So we’re bringing you two fonts to embody that strength and ruggedness.

First is Colus from designer Stan Partaleve who was inspired by stone and wood carved letter inscriptions from years past. The typeface has a classical, mature look that denotes a solid strength, with nothing extra. But that doesn’t mean it’s plain. Colus would make impressive headlines or logos, and beautiful signage. Download free from Font Fabric.

Our next contender is Chromate, a free serif typeface that walks an edgy line without going too far. With sharp curves and heavy triangular feet it has a definite design presence. Use for logos, headers, posters and packaging. Download free from Behance.

We hope you get some design mileage out of these two fonts, and we hope to see you back here next week for another edition of Free Font Friday!