Two Free Fonts for a Quieter Day

Being online these days is like standing by the side of the tracks while the trains fly by. It’s all you can do to keep your balance and stay out of the line of fire. So we thought we’d step things down a bit today, with two free fonts that harken back (or ahead) to a quieter time.

First, we have Rachel, a free typeface inspired by the Bodoni font. It’s a great companion to scripted headers and logos, and able to hold its own without losing a bit of charm. Download free for personal use only at Dafont.

Next, we offer you Soltz, a gorgeous vintage layered typeface that makes a statement without being rude. (Social media users, take note.) Designed by Von Type Co., it is available free for a limited time. Grab it today from Dafont.

So go relax and enjoy creating a lovely design. We’ll see you back here next week for another Free Font Friday.