Two Energetic Fonts to Move You into the Weekend

I don’t know about you but I could use some fun. So we bring you these two great fonts, with a fun and energetic vibe to carry us into the weekend.

First up … Camar Vintage, a bold and strong display font from designer Don Marciano. Initially designed by Marciano for a set of postcards that needed a modern and calming feel, Camar conjures up the days of modernization and expansion in the last century when form and style were paramount. The font family includes a ton of glyphs to handle any display needs. Download from PixelBuddha.

Next is Genuine, a font from Ari Riadi that lacks all pretension and boldly yet elegantly states its case. The thick lines are offset by the generous height, keeping the look readable and genuinely attractive. Download from Behance.

Enjoy these two beauties, and have a little fun with your next project. We’ll see you back here next week for another Free Font Friday.