Time to Get Sporty for Free Font Friday

Ah, sports.

We miss ‘em, there’s no question about that. So today we bring you two free fonts that will bring a little kick back into your designs.

First up is Fulbo, a European football-inspired font by Alejo Bergmann and Emmanuel Baldor. Fulbo was created to maximize the visibility of the numbers when the jerseys are in action and comes in five number styles: Argenta, Champagne, Premier, Retro and Tano. Looks great on jerseys, naturally, or any football-themed design project. Download free from Behance.

Next is BraceLine, a free font with real forward motion. The character set features elongated vertical lines and a slight forward slope, giving the impression of movement. This would look great with any sports promotions and marketing materials and will make a handy addition to your design kit. Download free from Dafont.

Enjoy these fonts, and please see us back here next week for another Free Font Friday.

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