Tight Space? Try This Week’s Free Friday Font

Teeny tiny. 

That’s the basic idea behind designing for today’s smartphone apps. So it makes sense that font designers are creating new solutions, like Rhodium Libre by James Puckett, founder of Dunwich Type. This slab serif font has wide, open letters, with a generally uncomplicated design that lacks the minute details that get lost on small screens. It’s great for websites and mobile apps, where accommodating for small screen reading is mandatory. Download for free from Google Fonts. 

Also this week we offer the tasty Anglecia Pro Text by Mint Type, available for free in both regular and italic. It features a combination of classic and contemporary design touches, and includes ligatures and small caps. It’s a good bet for general typesetting at typical reading sizes. It was intended for editorial design uses that use traditional heading, subheading and body copy text divisions. Find it at Fontspring; you can also download the matching Title and Display versions.

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