This Old Man … He Played Four … His Free Font Make Us Want More

This old man, he played one …

Most likely you know the old counting tune. While the old man probably didn’t have graphic design in mind when he taught us all to count, he sure makes a nice font.

Old Man by Indonesia designer Naufal Nurul Irsyad is a rough hewn vintage-style serif font that gives your message a strong yet accessible look. The font comes in all caps, making it great for headers, posters, logos and packaging applications. Download free from Behance.

Next is Kensmark, a free font from the folks at Pixel Surplus. With a bold stroke and a nice slant, the font comes in regular, bold and black, along with multilingual support for most Western languages. This one would be excellent on athletic images and sports-related products, or anywhere a strong, masculine brand look is needed. Download from Behance. 

We love both these fonts and hope you do too. Please enjoy and come back next week for another free font Friday!