The Free Fonts Continue into 2019

Sometimes style is more important than readability. And when we get a project that calls for a fresh take, having the right fonts on hand can make all the difference. So we are happy to continue our Free Font Fridays as we head into 2019, with these two great fonts.

First up is Ansley Display by Detroit-based designer Kady Jesko. It features a retro vibe in a chunky slab serif design in all caps. The family includes four weights plus inline and outline styles. Reach for it when you want to add a sporty, casual vibe to your design. Download for free from Dribbble

Next we go for a little British style with London, created by Brazilian designer Antonio Rodrigues Jr.  This posh, sophisticated look was influenced by the classic Bodoni typeface, and includes solid and outline versions. Think of it as part Downton Abbey, part Great Gatsby; it would be spot on in projects that are focused more on the artistry and style of the typography rather than the readability. Find it at, and then download the sans-serif version, Chelsea, at the same link.

We hope you love these two fonts as much as we do. And if you do, please share the love with the designers. And let’s design a fantastic New Year!