The Everyday Office in Miniature, and Soon in Print

These are so great. Photographer Derrick Lin has turned the every day into the fantastic and captured them on his iPhone.

“Working only with his iPhone, desk lighting, and a broad array of miniatures, Lin creates visual commentary on office life as well as recreations of popular artworks or scenes of escape,” writes Christopher Jobson on Colossal.

How about a shepherd and his flock trudging up a stack of journals? Or a mountaineer surveying the landscape from the rim of a coffee mug? The detail and imagination in these scenes is remarkable.

And lucky for us, the artist is capturing them permanently in print. His book, “Work, Figuratively Speaking: The Big Setbacks and Little Victories of Office Life” launches in October, published by Universe. This will make a perfect addition to any designer’s bookshelf, and a great gift for the office dwellers in your world.