The Complete US Patents of Nikola Tesla in an Electrifying New Book

The folks at Kronecker Wallis (their mantra is “We do not know how to, nor do we want to, create a monotonous and characterless product”) are putting together a book containing all of Nikola Tesla’s US patents. And it looks incredible.

“The publisher Kronecker Wallis is known for its cultural, technical, scientific and philosophical books, including prints of Isaac Newton’s college notebook, Marie Curie’s thesis, a volume of Alexander von Humboldt illustrations, and now—All of Nikola Tesla’s USA Patents,” writes Callie Budrick in PrintMag.

“Technical and cutaway illustrations abound in the 500-page tome that takes readers on a journey through scientific history,” Budrick continues. “As for the production, stamped on premium Munken Polar paper specifically designed for offset printing, the uncoated surface creates a smooth and natural feeling in readers’ hands for a premium reading experience.”

There’s something profound about curating this important work in a beautiful print tome. The intersection of art and science can be stunning, and this will be a must-have piece for science-minded book lovers and anyone who appreciates the power of print books.

According to the publisher’s Kickstarter campaign page, the 500-page book will be arranged chronologically and include both patent illustrations and descriptions.

Other titles from this boutique publisher include Isaac Newton’s College Notebook, Marie Curie’s thesis, and the upcoming Apollo 13 Activation Checklist. Hello, holiday wish list.

It’s been amazing to watch so many indie titles and small publishers using crowdfunding to create beautiful printed works. When content is created by and for the people who love it, amazing things happen.

Jump on the Kickstarter campaign now; it is set to close this week on this limited print run. The book is expected to go to press in December, with an early spring 2021 ship date.