The Bold and the Beautiful with this Week’s Free Fonts

Around here we often say it’s not about the eyeballs; real metrics like engagement are what matter. But in the design world, sometimes it very much is about catching the eye. This week we present two free fonts that are sure to capture their share of attention.

First is Nikoleta created by brand identity designer Boris Garic. If you love the popular font Bebas Neue, then you’ll love Nikoleta with its similar lines and big impact.  Catch attention with any project with this beauty. Find it at Pixel Surplus.

Next up is Beautify, a gorgeous flowing script designed to stand out from other lettering fonts. Created by Yasir Ekinci, it’s guaranteed to give your projects a truly custom look. This one is also available at Pixel Surplus.

Grab them and make something bold and beautiful to share with the world. And be sure to share your thanks with the designers who make our Free Font Fridays so popular. See you next week!