The Audrey Hepburn of Free Fonts?

Breakfast at Tiffany’s, anyone?

If you’re a fan of the cute, glam style that Audrey Hepburn embodied, you’ll love our two free font picks this week.

First up is Elsie, a truly feminine font, perfect for anything related to glamour and fashion.  Attractive, expressive and full of personality, it’s designed by Alejandro Inler as a new take on Bodoni. Find it free on Font Squirrel

Next is Prata, an elegant serif typeface with sharp features beautifully melded with organic teardrop shapes and soft curves.  It will work in many types of display projects that require a softer, feminine yet not-too-girly touch. This one is also free on Font Squirrel.

No matter the mood, we’ve got you covered with our Free Font Friday selections each week. See you next week, darlings, and keep creating!