Show and Tell: 4 Tips to Communicate Visually

Are your social media posts swipe-stopping?

“Whether you’re reading this article on your mobile or computer, you most likely have the option to ‘swipe’ through what you’re viewing,” explains social media expert Jessica Ann. “When what you view is visually stunning, you ‘stop swiping’ through your feed to start looking at whatever image caught your eye.”

Making your social content so visually appealing that it stops users in mid-swipe takes more than luck. It takes an understanding of visual communication concepts and how to apply them. Start with these four ideas, as outlined in the iStock article “Social media: 4 tips to communicate visually.”


  1. Put your customer’s imagination in the driver’s seat.

“The best visuals often leave things open to interpretation,” Jessica notes, mentioning  Audi as an example of a company that does this consistently and brilliantly. Their visuals allow the mind to roam and fill in the details, creating a unique experience for every user.


  1. Show your visual journey.

“Instagram and Pinterest are two of the most fun platforms to show your journey on social,” says Jessica. “They’re entirely different in terms of how you use images. So if you only have time to manage a social presence on one visual site, choose wisely.”

This might include personal photos about you and what your company does, and helps to show the truly human side of your organization. It also gives customers a good idea of what goes into creating your product or service, which helps to establish a strong value proposition.


  1. Play nicely with other platforms.

    “For powerful engagement in an aesthetically pleasing way, you’ll want to play nicely with other platforms. But be particularly careful which platforms you put together. For example, automatically sharing every tweet to your Facebook is not recommended,” Jessica notes.

Social media management tools can help with this process, but think it through carefully before you set up your auto-posts. And being aware of all the platforms you’ll post to means you’ll need to be careful in choosing your images so that they work in each stream.


  1. Show your silly side.

“Fuse the various elements of your products and services by showcasing the silly, lighter side of your brand. This can help attract the best kinds of customers: serious ones who don’t take themselves so seriously.” General Electric’s Hey Girl Pinterest board is a fantastic example of this concept, with items that are not only highly unusual but incredibly sharable.

When it comes to social sharing, the way to be swipe-stopping is to be unforgettable, unique and authentic. Thanks, Jessica, for these great ideas.