Quality Video Creation on a Budget

make-movieHow a phone and a creative mindset created a film festival darling.

YouTube is the third-most-visited website on the planet, with users logging more than four billion video views a day, according to Craig Smith in DMR. And still only 9% of brands are using YouTube as a way to market to their customers, according to Danny Donchev in Fortune Lords.

Up until recently, a brand could be forgiven if they thought an investment of fancy equipment and editing software was required to create a YouTube presence. That is no longer the case; brands now have the power of a movie studio in their pockets…quite literally.

“Your iPhone is a filmmaking powerhouse: the iPhone 6s boasts a 12-megapixel camera, the ability to shoot 4K (3840×2160) video, video stabilization, and frame rates of up to 120 fps—most DSLRs can’t come close. And an iPhone is, in fact, the perfect video camera for many situations—for instance, when you need something small, discreet, and/or inexpensive,” writes Robert Repass in Create by Adobe.

“But how does the footage look? Sure, you can you capture your cats for a quick Facebook post or record your kid’s violin recital to share with the family. But can you make something beautiful, professional, or important? This is no longer a crazy question,” Repass continues.

Repass shares the story of Tangerine, a recent Sundance Film Festival favorite that was shot on an iPhone 5s.

“Budget drove Baker’s choice, but that was not the only benefit, and the resulting footage is intimate and powerful,” he relates.

“Although it’s not right for every type of movie, the phone has clearly become a legitimate tool of the filmmaking trade—it can actually be a better tool for many types of movies: guerrilla documentaries or cinéma vérité, for instance,” Repass writes.

With a $10 app to handle white balance, focus, zoom, etc. plus some inexpensive add-ons that handle lighting, slow-motion, audio balance and other issues, your hand-held creations can look like they came out of a well-equipped content studio.

The article offers some examples of iPhone movies and the software/hardware they used to make them. The results are gorgeous, professional and inspiring. It’s also quality on a budget – read the details of the article to find out more.

Do something truly useful and creative with that phone, and make a quality video for your audience.