Online Business? Here’s Why You Need Print

print1“Do you operate your business exclusively online? If so, it can be easy to think your marketing budget is best spent on digital promotions,” advises Brian Morris in Business2Community. “Digital marketing should definitely be a major part of your overall strategy, but limiting your efforts to the online spectrum can be detrimental to your business.”

Morris’ advice is echoed by many in the industry, including findings from Nielsen Research that show “every media buy would benefit from the addition of print advertising.”

He cites some stats from Print is Big to back up his claims:

  • 80% of all households read their direct mail;
  • Direct mail response rates are 37% higher than email marketing; and
  • S. advertisers average $167/person on direct mail to earn sales of $2,095.

“The choice isn’t between print or digital – the two can and should work together – the choice is to take advantage of a powerful marketing platform that can grow your business. With these kinds of figures, it simply doesn’t make sense to ignore the power of print marketing,” Morris continues.

In a land of tight competition for consumer eyeballs, Morris points out the distinct advantage online business gains when they bring print into their strategy.

“Direct-mail postcards, booklets, brochures, and other marketing materials can put you in front of potential customers without the distraction of competitors and on-page content. Plus, ultra-targeted print marketing campaigns help you earn trust and credibility with your customer base – something many advertisers fail to do in the age of ad blockers,” he explains.

And it lets you compete on the same level as the big boys; that catalog from the well-known mail order house and that promo from Google Ad Words don’t have any advantage in your mailbox over your own materials.

“None of this is to say you shouldn’t engage in digital marketing. However, it does mean if you’re devoting your entire budget to digital marketing you’re missing out on a powerful marketing strategy that can help you grow your business,” Morris concludes.