No, Millennials Haven’t Ruined Everything

A lot of the Millennials I know are (justifiably) tired of being blamed for breaking … basically everything … from shopping to beer to company culture.

“It’s no secret that Millennials do things a little differently than the generations that came before and after them. The media has had a field day reporting on the seemingly ‘problematic’ habits of this group of people, whose birth years fall between 1981 and 1996, according to the Pew Research Center,” writes Emily Petsko in Mental Floss.

Yet as Petsko notes, “when they aren’t busy ‘killing’ mayonnaise and department stores, Millennials are also helping to keep bookstores alive, thanks to their preference for traditional print books over digital ones.”

Petsko points to an infographic from The Expert Editor that shows what’s really going on with Millennials and their reading preferences. While they may rely heavily on online reviews when deciding what to read, they opt for print books over digital and audio by almost two to one:

Image source: The Expert Editor

Millennials apparently read more than their parents or any other age group. They use libraries and bookmobiles more than any group too.

Image source: The Expert Editor

So let’s give this generation a break, shall we? And thank a Millennial next time you visit a bookstore or pop in to your local library.