Newman! Mailman Fails to Deliver

The comparisons are unavoidable. Newman, the mailman everyone loves to hate on Seinfeld, was vilified in one episode when he was caught hoarding mail rather than delivering it.

It’s hard to believe, but one Kentucky mailman was sentenced to six month of jail time and another six months of home incarceration for the same crime, according to Andrew Wolfson of the Louisville Courier-Journal.

“Real life mail man William ‘Brent’ Morse of the western Kentucky city of Dawson Springs, stashed his in his dead mother’s house and a rented storage facility — at least 44,900 pieces of it,” Wolfson writes.

“He wanted to speed up his route,” said city police Capt. Craig Patterson, who arrested him last year. “I think he was lazy.”

The judge went rather easy on him all things considered.

“Federal sentencing guidelines called for him to get a two-year sentence, but McKinley gave him less because he didn’t steal from the mail and only a few of the 250 mail recipients on his route suffered financial losses,” Wolfson continues.

And he’s not the only Newman out there apparently. A Long Island letter carrier was caught ditching about 1,000 pieces of mail in trash bins, while an Australian mailman was caught with 10,000 pieces of undelivered mail in his bedroom.

Morse has other issues beside the mail charges, as he was also convicted of cashing SSI checks made out to his deceased mother, to the tune of $31,000.

The mail has now been delivered to its proper recipients, except about 1,000 pieces that Morse is suspected of destroying.