Millennials, Wear this Label with Pride

We do feel a bit sorry for you Millennials. The You Generation has been saddled with an enormous amount of labels …not all of it flattering.

This new label though, based on research from the Pew Research Center, is one you can wear proudly.

It seems you Millennials are officially page turners. In fact, you are more likely to have read a book over the last year than older folks, notes Neil Howe in Forbes.

“Contrary to popular belief, Millennials read more than older generations do—and more than the last generation did at the same age,” Howe writes. And they prefer to do it in print…regardless of age.

“Readers today have more ways than ever to access the written word,” Howe continues. “But the tried and true endures: Print books remain by far the most popular format among all age groups. Last year, 72% of Americans read a print book, dwarfing the share who read an e-book (35%) or listened to an audiobook (16%).”

It’s no surprise to us; we’ve been sharing data from the publishing industry that shows e-books are on the decline and print is doing well.

Now that the millennial generation is shown again and again to prefer print books, we can expect even more interest in print.  So wear this label proudly, you much-maligned Millennials. This is one generational trend that makes us wildly hopeful for the future.