Let’s Get Topical for Free Font Friday

Masks have become ubiquitous in these interesting days of 2020, so why not share a little font fun to play along?

Presenting Masquerouge, a striking Victorian-style free front from the designer known as vastard. The free family comes in regular, italic, rough and rough italic (that last one looks a bit like someone left it out in the rain for, oh, a century or so.) It’s a fun font for steampunk styles or a Moulin Rouge-meets-Wild-Wild-West feel, and would be great on display work, posters, logos, or packaging. What it lacks in easy reading it more than makes up for in visual appeal. Free for personal or commercial use from Dafont.

Next is Marisole, a vintage textured font from Malaysia designer Noi Minggu. Sans serif with steep, almost digital-style curves, it gains softness from its roughed-up texture. With good readability at large size, this would be terrific for signage, packaging and display work. Download free from Behance.

Remember to thank the designers, and support them if you can, and we’ll see you back here (with masks or without) next week for another free font Friday!