Keepin it Clean and Simple for Free Font Friday

A hallmark of great design is often what we don’t include. Sometimes, the piece you are creating begs for a simple treatment, without sacrificing an ounce of style. If you’ve been looking for some fonts that can deliver that clean, simple yet well-wrought look, you’ll enjoy this week’s choices for Free Font Friday.

Corbert by Jonathan Hill is a clear, legible sans-serif typeface with geometric shapes influenced by the Bauhaus design movement. The family includes regular and italic weights plus a condensed version. Download Corbert Regular, Italic, Condensed, and Condensed Italic at The Northern Block. And while you’re there, play around with their Type Tester feature for some inspiration.

For another clean, well-rounded font, grab Lulo Clean Outline Bold by Yellow Design Studio. It’s a generously spaced, outline-style typeface with clean, blocky letters in all caps, good for headers, posters and large graphic work. Download free at MyFonts.

As always, share the love for these font designers and the sites that help us find them. And stay tuned for more Free Font Fridays. We love fonts and the designers who use them.