Is Your Content Good Enough for Print?

magazine-writerThese 10 print magazine tips will make you a master online content creator.

While they might not admit it publicly, the best online content creators understand that they can learn a lot from good old print.

“[Fans of the Internet] love to gloat and preen as the gate to Big Media’s kingdom has been thrown open — and the gatekeepers are torn from their thrones and tossed in the moat (the pockets of their blazers stuffed with rocks),” writes Demian Farnworth in CopyBlogger.

“That’s unfortunate. Because they actually have a lot to teach us,” she notes.

She’s right, even if slightly hyperbolic. While the Internet has given us all the power to publish, it’s given us all the power to publish absolutely anything. And with that comes a massive amount of content that’s not worth the pixels with which it’s displayed. That deluge alone makes it hard to gain audience share.

The solution, Farnworth suggests, is to create really great content. She breaks out exactly what that means in terms of how print magazine editors look at the content they publish.

The article breaks it down in a list of 10 traits that magazine editors look for, from originality to impartiality, told with a story that engages and is filled with facts, not conjecture…just the kind of thing we long to see on our newsfeeds every day but so often don’t.

It’s a good read for anyone looking to gain a footing with their online content. But be warned – real journalism and editorial excellence is often hard to knock off in a few minutes like that rambling blog post about cargo kilts you shared yesterday.

Think longevity – would this be worthy of being printed? That’s the stuff to create.