Ironic Viral Success for Social Media Film

If you’ve been on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter recently, you’ve no doubt seen it. It’s a short and sweet video called “Look Up” that has captivated millions of viewers with its message of reengaging with the real world.

“In the connected age we’re more connected that ever. That’s the message of Look Up, a video that slams social media and ironically has become a global hit…on social media,” reports Anne-Marie Tomchak of BBC Trending.

The video begins with UK filmmaker Gary Tuck against a black background stating “I have 422 friends…yet I’m lonely. I speak to all of them every day and yet none of them really know me.”

In his first media interview since releasing the phenomenon, Tuck tells Tomchak that he’s not anti-technology or opposed to social media. His message, instead, is about moderation.

“If we look up from our phones every once in a while when we don’t need to be on them, or engage with the people we’re with when we can’t find a Wi-Fi signal, conversations and opportunities might happen that you never would have had,” Tuck says.

The voice-over on the video is written in Dr. Seuss-esque rhyme and has a certain innocent quality. Yet his message resonates, apparently, with more than 32 million views of the video.

And it’s had some unexpected consequences, says Turk.

“Some people have messaged me saying they’ve thrown away their smartphones and they’ve turned off Facebook,” he continues. “There’s no need for that.”

Instead Tuck recommends a few times a day you look up, put down the phone, go for a walk and engage with the present moment.

Great advice, and a positive message. Yet I wonder how many of those 32 million actually got the point?