Into the Woods with this Week’s Free Fonts

We are getting all woodsy and earthy this week with our free font choices, perfect for getting ready for Earth Day celebrations later next month.

First is The Woodlands, another free brush script from Jeremy Vessey.  This font is a little more refined than some we’ve seen from this design shop. Modern and relaxed, it has a flowing, calligraphic style in both upper and lower case. Find it free at Pixel Surplus.

Our next pick is Old Growth, a relatively new font from Rambler Creative. Inspired by the old forest of the West Coast, this sans-serif is rough and uneven, yet bold and strong. It would be perfect for branding, quotes, headlines and other highly visual projects.  Find it at Pixel Surplus.

Enjoy the fonts, and go hug a tree. Then thank the designers who make our Free Font Fridays possible. See you next week!