How to be Smarter, Richer and Healthier in 2017

The key to achieving those New Year’s resolutions is surprisingly simple…and no batteries, memberships or beeping wristbands required.

Want to be smarter in the New Year? Maybe fatten your bank account or grow your business? Or perhaps health and fitness is top on your list of “must do” activities this year?

Read a print book, advises Daniel Dipiazza writing in

“I love blogs,” he writes. “I love them so much that I built an entire online business off of one dinky blog. But there’s no blog in the world that can ever compare to a book. You can’t wrap a blog up and give it as a gift.”

Those printed books deliver several things that a downloaded essay or Kindle version simply can’t.

Dipiazza is convinced that reading “a lot of books is prerequisite to being a great business owner, or great at anything. They’re a cheap investment with a potentially infinite ROI.”  Yet he’s discovered a problem with the digital copy he reads.

“I have a hard time remembering which books I’ve read on Kindle or iPad, let alone their content. I can’t remember a single blog post title I’ve read. Not one. So I started doing some digging to see if there was any evidence to support my experience of what we’ll call, physical vs digital,” he explains.

His findings are clear: Printed books provide advantages over digital that are documented by scientific research:

1. Print improves comprehension and retention.

2. Print is better for your physical health, including sleep cycles and eye health.

3. Print’s “sense of progress” is an important emotional benefit, making the reading more of a journey or experience, and thus more meaningful.

Dipiazza has unearthed what many in our industry have been advocating since the digital revolution began; digital will not – cannot — replicate the effectiveness of print in several key areas. We’ve documented the science behind print that backs this up. Still, it’s an interesting point of view, from a man who has made a highly successful business out of digital content, to know that print has this kind of obvious impact.

Thanks for sharing this, Daniel, and continued success in 2017! (When’s your brand magazine coming out?)