Grab Your Musket, It’s a Ponsi Revolution (Or…More Free Fonts)

It’s Friday, so that means more free fonts.

Our first pick this week comes from the talented folks behind Nomo Studio in Sevilla, Spain. Musket is a condensed slab serif font with some subtle curves to soften the heft. This clean cut font would look good anywhere you place it. Download it at ByBu for free, or make a donation in any amount you choose.

Where Musket has subtle curves, Ponsi Rounded published by TypeFaith Fonts is decidedly curvier. The geometric lines have nice baseline stroke extensions that give a solid anchor, keeping the curves from overwhelming.  That’s the stuff sturdy slab serifs are made of. And the ampersands are fantastic. Download it at Font Spring, in regular and boldface.

Enjoy these two picks, and catch up on any of the Free Font Fridays you might have missed. Sign up for our newsletter list for more fonts coming up next week.