Everyone Crazy ‘Bout a Sharp Dressed Font

Sharp. That’s the prevailing idea behind our two free fonts this Friday. They’ve got some serious style about them, and we can see designs practically begging to be born from them.

First up is AlGhifari Script from Indonesian design shop Mikrojihad Inc. It features an upright script with sharp, brush-style strokes. It’s great when you want to give your design an edgy, almost graffiti-like style while maintaining good readability. Grab your free download from Free Design Resources.

From the same shop comes Bukhari, a chunky, monoline design that includes contextual and stylistic alternates in the free set. This would look fantastic on stylized logos, labels, t-shirts and other branding elements. Download this one from Behance.

We hope our free Friday fonts give you an extra dose of inspiration this week. Check out our previous free font offerings, and be sure to come back next week for more.