Everybody Chill, It’s Free Font Friday

It’s hard to stay chill when you’re a design hipster. What with deadlines, client demands, Twitter … When it all gets to be too much, reach for these free fonts and relax.

Chillout is a script font by Ydhra Studio that features a modern, hipster-style design (okay, yes, we’re not quite sure what that means either so let’s say it’s relaxed and bold at the same time, slightly unusual but ultimately familiar. And it comes with a bonus swash to add the right amount of underscore to your design.) The creative design of the font makes it ideal for posters, greeting cards, and website header design. Download from Dribble.com.

Next, we have a fun theme with a creative, vintage edge. Harlend, by Indonesia-based designer David Novrian, is a script font with distinct yet flowing serifs; it comes in regular, rough and textured styles, and it’s perfect for product work, banners, and social media. You can download a free version for personal use from Dribble.

No matter what’s going on in the world, there’s one thing you can count on; we will be back next week with more Free Friday Fonts. Stay well until then.